New thinking in exceptions?

Crisis can serve as an incentive for change. Standstill is an imaginary quantity. Any standstill is only conceivable in comparison and is therefore still a process. And this process does not stop as long as we think. We can take this as an incentive. If we view Standstill as a Process, new design possibilities open up.

Thinking and designing in times of crisis

First of all, this text is addressed to those who want to and are able to read this text right now and who are not existentially affected by this crisis to such an extent that other concerns…

Neues Denken in Ausnahmen?

Krise kann als Anreiz zur Veränderung verstanden werden. Stillstand ist eine rein imaginäre Größe. Jeder Stillstand ist nur im Vergleich denkbar und daher immer noch ein Prozess. Und dieser Prozess hört nicht auf, solange wir denken. Das können wir als Anreiz verstehen. Wenn wir Stillstand als Prozess betrachten, eröffnen sich neue Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten.

Denken und Gestalten in Zeiten der Krise
Erst einmal richtet sich dieser Text an diejenigen, die diesen Text gerade lesen wollen, können und unter dieser Krise nicht existentiell so stark betroffen sind, dass andere Sorgen überwiegen. Handlungsfähigkeit ist die Grundlage für Veränderungsprozesse. …

Was ist Reinzeichnung?

Reinzeichnung ist ein wichtiger Teil der Grafikproduktion. Aber was ist damit gemeint? Was umfasst sie? Und wo beginnt sie?

Betrachten wir zunächst den Begriff »Reinzeichnung« näher.

Reinzeichnung beinhaltet das deutsche Wort »rein«, was die höchste Form von Sauberkeit widerspiegelt. Es gibt »Reinräume«, in denen es steril zugeht. Dort sollen »Unreinheiten« nicht die Arbeit behindern, das Ergebnis verfälschen oder gar unbrauchbar machen.

Ähnlich verhält es sich mit der Reinzeichnung: sie soll den Entwurf in eine saubere »Zeichnung« überführen. Ziel ist die Produktion, ein fertiges Produkt — als Gegenstück zu der sich wandelnden Arbeitsdatei. Dabei soll der Entwurf nicht irgendwie das Licht der Welt erblicken — sondern in intendierter und geplanter Weise.

Beim englischen Begriff »Final Artwork« wird dem Wort »Artwork«…

What is Final Artwork?

Final artwork is an important part of graphic design.
But what is it exactly? What does it include? And where does it begin?

Let us first take a closer look at the term “Final Artwork”.

It is intended to transform the sketch/rough design into a clean/final “artwork”.

The aim is to produce a finished (publishable) product — as counterpart to the changing work file.

The design should not somehow see the light of day — but in an intended and planned way.

The term “Artwork” is preceded by the term “Final”.

Top view of walking woman over red tiled floor
Top view of walking woman over red tiled floor
How often can attention be shared?

Give me your attention, make me happy with a “Like”, “post” me or — in the most beautiful of all attention worlds — comment on me. Every second we receive information that needs to be processed and evaluated. We live in fast-moving times. The attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Information is competing and wooing for our recording capacity. The consequences are optimisation efforts on the one hand and loss of detail on the other. Does this have an impact on the design?

According to a study by Microsoft, the attention span of the general user has already ended…

How much design does a person need?

More and more people live in cities — in a world shaped by design. The starting point of human existence is nature. When we are in nature, we perceive differently. In nature — our view of design changes.

Our demand for design in the face of mountains is more elementary, simpler and more functional. A natural environment automatically calls into question our usual view, attitude and actions. The animal and our basic needs are moving forward again. Our instincts are awakened and our needs experienced differently.

Most of us do not know any untouched nature anymore — a nature without…

Is it even possible to design something that has no relation to the past at all?

Each design is a quote into the future. The expression plays with familiar terms which, considered individually, seem to point in the opposite direction. However, if the phrase is viewed more systemically, a possible meaning becomes easier to read.

“Design” — in terms of its meaning — is in itself something directed towards the future. There is a “point of view”, a “thrower” and the corresponding “throw” with a goal in mind. In the German language, “Entwurf” stands in contrast to the English word “Design” and thus achieves a unique feature. The “draft” is primarily seen as a “plan” or…

What can an algorithm see?

With the proclamation of digitalisation as a future topic, terms such as “artificial intelligence”, “machine learning” and “deep learning” are gaining in importance. Progress lies in the optimization of algorithms. How “intelligent” are they really?

To answer this question at short notice, I have started a small self-experiment, which can be viewed with a wink of the eye and which, due to its selectivity, does not claim to be scientific. This is more a snapshot than a comprehensive study.

The test field is “EyeEm” — a free online service for sharing and marketing photos.

How smart will we be producing in the future?

“Internet of Things” (IoT) is part of a current development in which “the fourth industrial revolution” is to take place through “Industrie 4.0” (Industry 4.0). This development is still in its infancy. What happens when algorithms and AI no longer merely communicate, coordinate and organise, but begin to autonomously control robotics and place production and logistics orders in the cloud? The result of this truly revolutionary approach could be called “Things of Internet” — in its abbreviation: ToI.

“Industry 4.0” and the “Internet of Things”.

“Industrie 4.0” is a german buzzword, word mark and marketing initiative initiated in 2011 by…

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